Learn valuable life skills

while learning the physical foundations of the martial arts.

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Our Mission

The purpose of MATI Clubs is for every student, child or adult, to experience a safe, fun, and unintimidating atmosphere. We want our families to have an enjoyable time and for students to be engaged and excited to come back each week. MATI Clubs promotes a healthy lifestyle, teaching valuable life skills while teaching the physical foundations of the martial arts.

About Your Master Instructor 

About Mati Clubs

Welcome to our school. I am honored that you have entrusted your student(s) instruction to me and our incredible MATI Clubs staff.

Dayan Arts Tai Chi

The Wild Goose (Dayan) Qigong and Gongfu methods of Healing, Meditation and Martial Arts, represent one of China’s oldest intact systems.

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Training thousands of children each year at Charlotte area public/ private schools with over 400 students, children and adults.

2021 Summer/Day Camp

Summer/Day Camp is now open.
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