Mati Clubs


My two children have been in karate classes a little over two years now. The instructors are so patient and kind. They chose to do the karate camp over the summer and had a blast getting to do fun extra activities.  -Jaime L.

For the past 3 ½ years I have been taking my two grandsons to karate classes with Glenn Carder. These weekly classes have helped develop their physical strengths, dexterity, balance, and agility. More than these attributes, I have watched Mr. Carder pour into these boys as they become more confident teens; 12 & 14. Mr. Carder is able to assess and develop in each and every student their specific character needs. He always makes a personal greeting to students and encourages each to strive to improve. He also takes time to teach social skills, e.g. eye contact with others, focused attention, and introduction with adults. I see my grandsons as being honored to be involved with such a great male role model. -Diane B.

Master Instructor, Glenn Carder and MATI Clubs have been such a positive influence on our children. Having three children who are very different, the only thing they agree on is their enjoyment of their karate classes. Our two daughters and one son have learned discipline, self-esteem, and perseverance through their years at MATI Clubs, progressing from white belt to black belt, and now have learned to assist and teach others. Mr. Carder has been a great influence on them, from his professionalism to his friendly demeanor to his expectations of his staff. It is the one common experience all three kids will take with them through these critical habit-forming years. -Dan K.

My grandchildren started with Mr. Carder’s karate program when they were 7 & 8 years old. Three years later, they have learned much more than karate and earned their junior black belts. The foundations of discipline and practice they learned as beginners have paid off in school and in their daily lives. They were having so much fun, I decided to join the adult class. Mr. Carder’s approach is tailored to all levels of strength and ability. I’m not the oldest black belt MATI ever trained, but at 68, I’m top 5. I continue to train as much for the skills learned as the comradery with the other adults. It’s a pleasure to go to class, work out, learn new skills and laugh a little while doing it. Did you ever notice no one is ever laughing at Gold’s Gym? I learned a long time ago, whatever you’re doing, if you’re not having fun, you’re probably not doing it right. And we’re doing it right! -Dave S.

Since my daughter Saanvi started in the Glenn Carder MATI Clubs, I have seen her become more respectful and responsible. She looks forward to going to class every week for the last 4 years. The instructors/ staff show much respect towards every parent/ grandparent and is greatly appreciated. Children don’t just train here. They become a better person in many aspects of life. Thank you for being so dedicated and capable and thank you for your guidance Mr. Carder. I would recommend Glenn Carder MATI Clubs to any parent wanting their children to develop self-defense, discipline, and social skills. -Silpa K.